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This place isn’t really the king of sushi (Troy is still waiting for a really first-class sushi place to come along): actually, your best bet here is Chinese. Sushi King pretty much owns the downtown market for “classy” Chinese food, and in Troy overall only Plum Blossom seems to do a better job. Prices for dinner tend towards the ten or twelve dollar mark (sometimes more for Japanese food): affordable, but not negligible. Still, the costs are eminently fair for the quality delivered. Big windows offer a nice view of Monument Square (when the blinds are open, anyway), and the restaurant’s service and general upkeep don’t disappoint. Note (3 April 2003): Neither this site, nor, to our knowledge, the Sushi King in Troy, are affiliated with the Sushi King chain of restaurants in southeast Asia. We have no information about or contacts with Sushi Kings in Asia.

Comments on Sushi King

At this point I’d give Sushi King the #2 spot behind Ginza’s in this area. I’ve never had anything but good service there, but havent’ had good luck with the delivery.

Posted by Jim Holmes (October 3, 2004 06:26 PM)

I like Sushi King - we always have good service & friendly waitresses. For vegetarian items they’re great - they have much better tofu than other local places. Try the orange spiced tofu.

Posted by Carl (April 13, 2004 08:11 PM)

i’m not going to lie to you - i have given sushi king SO many tries, and to be honest, i’m through. the only things sushi king has going for it is that they serve beer and have a nice place to sit and eat. on the other hand, the food is only okay, the service has been EXTREMELY rude to me on more than one occasion, and i have found meat and/or fish in my food when i explicitly asked for vegetarian dishes. i say hao wei all the way. the food is better, the portions are similar, and everything is about half as expensive. not as nice as a place to sit, but a small price to pay for cheap good chinese food.

Posted by skfl (December 8, 2003 07:29 PM)

All my Sushi King experiences have been marked by average food and rude service, but I will never go there again because my friend recently had food delivered from them and found *GLASS* in it. So all you SK fans, beware!

Posted by Lori (November 18, 2003 06:36 PM)

Sushi King used to have good Chinese food, but last time I went, they were using canned or frozen veggies! For Japanese food go to Saso’s.

Posted by Sally (May 3, 2003 04:33 PM)

With regards to my previous comments, I think Sushi King is an “okay” sushi place now. It’s definitely inexpensive and good if you’re looking for an average sushi experience (the quality is much higher since the unfavorable initial experience I had). I’ve been there a few times, and also ordered out. The delivery is great - doorstep sushi! However, for high-end sushi, stick to (in this order) Saso’s, Ginza, or Ichiban.

Posted by Justin Baugh (April 7, 2003 03:36 PM)

Sushi King may be a bit pricey, but it’s the only Chinese spot right in downtown and the food’s pretty good.

Posted by M (March 4, 2003 02:59 AM)

While its not as good as any sushi I had while living on the west coast, it’s very good for Troy. The sushi is better than I make myself, but nothing special, and for those of you afraid of raw fish or anything that has connotations as raw fish, the Chinese is excellent… better than any other delivery and at least as good as Plum Blossom. The atmosphere is very pleasant, especially when the owner’s kids are out and serving the drinks.

Posted by gabe (June 15, 2002 08:00 PM)

I think that “Sushi King” is a great place to have sushi in Troy. I’ve never had on bad experience with them and as an RPI student i get to order from them quite frequently. Not only their sushi is good, but you also get a bowl of delicious miso soup to go with it. The service there is friendly and prices are pretty affordable, especially for the Chinese food, which is also the best in Troy. If you are a vegetarian, they offer a nice selection of tofu dinners. Their General Tso’s tofu and chicken are excellent.

Posted by Val (December 17, 2001 07:54 PM)

Well, like all places (even Saso’s) it is possible for a restaurant to have an off night. This may have led to Justin’s experience, since Sushi King is admittedly on the lower slope of the sushi goodness continuum which means a bad experience would be much worse than elsewhere. On the flip side, having eaten there several times without any bad experiences, I have no problems with them. Don’t expect anything fancy in the sushi dept. since they don’t have it, but they can do all of the basics with a decent degree of skill and the quality has always been fine. I won’t speak for their Chinese as I have not had it.

Posted by Jesse Nice (November 13, 2001 05:59 PM)

[Unfavorable comment recanted by Mr. Baugh. – Ed., 4 March 2003]

Posted by Justin Baugh (September 26, 2001 01:32 AM)