Although the food here is basically average, Rotondi’s Luncheonette nonetheless merits mention for ambience. It’s a very cozy, friendly diner with all the respective accoutrements: phone booth, counter and stools, picture windows, the whole nine. The Hopper print (no, not Nighthawks, Early Sunday Morning) behind the register almost leads me to suspect that the proprietors are ironists, but the place truly does feel genuine; it’s like a less quirky and intense Famous Lunch. As I said, the food is pretty ordinary: mostly sandwiches, plus a few breakfast items and specials. Lunch will run about four to six bucks, certainly reasonable, but not a very special value. Note that Rotondi’s is only a breakfast and lunch restaurant and closes mid-afternoon, circa 2:00 or so. The place is worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood and hungry, and if you feel like some old time goodness.

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