Trying to think of what to say about Manory’s, I finally come to the word “comfortable,” which I think probably sums things up as well as possible. Manory’s is a comfortable place, one of the least “restauranty” restaurants I’ve been in. It is, after all, the oldest operating restaurant in Troy, so presumably it’s had some time to get settled. As for the food, it’s very respectable diner stuff: all-day breakfast (including the flagship Big Breakfast, $4.95), sandwiches, dinner specials, and so forth, priced in the five to eight dollar range. You can’t go too far astray; I’ve yet to hear of anyone being disappointed with their meal here. The only let-down at Manory’s is the fact that they close so early in the evenings, essentially disqualifying the place as an option for those of us who prefer eating our dinners after five.

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Comments on Manory’s

Manory’s is great! But why do they close so damn early? Im getting out of work when they close. I miss eating there. 5pm?!?!?!? COME ON!! Live a little and stay open later!!!!!!!

Posted by GreatLovins (February 3, 2005 04:37 PM)

Oh god, I love this place. Take Bob’s, and add as much leisure and extreme relaxation as possible, and you’re still not even halfway there. The entire experience is unhurried - this is a place where the old timers like to come to talk about “the good ole days” and drink 803 cups of coffee and have a donut or three. This is Manory’s in a nutshell. The food is good and cheap, and the atmosphere is really an absolute prize. If this place was open later, my life would be finally complete. Manory’s is the only restauraunt I’ve ever been to where the impetus to not leave and “just have another cup of coffee” can become dangerous.

Posted by Justin Baugh (September 26, 2001 01:48 AM)