With such a primo spot in the heart of downtown Troy, you’d think Leahy’s might be able to do better. Alas, this is a restaurant with little to recommend it, an utterly average establishment in every respect. The food isn’t truly bad in the sense of inspiring complaints; it’s just very forgettable and nondescript. The dining area isn’t grubby or cramped, but it’s also not cozy or especially welcoming. The service isn’t bad, but it’s not that good either. The prices aren’t exorbitant, but neither are they any great deal. You get the picture. With all the other options within mere blocks, whatever food mood you’re in, there’s a better place to eat than Leahy’s. As an aside, another count on the indictment is the constant racket (during open hours) of a speaker system mounted above Leahy’s exterior doors, playing contemptible E-Z Listening music to the entire vicinity, surely in violation of some noise ordinance. Don’t reward this kind of inconsiderate behavior with your money.

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Comments on Leahy’s

You are so off on this restaurant. I enjoyed every minute I was there. The food is great and the owners are very friendly people. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting downtown Troy.

Posted by Sara (June 13, 2004 04:39 PM)

No way, you’re totally off-base. You fail to grasp what Leahy’s is all about – Irish lunch food (and breakfast, too). They have the best Reubens I’ve ever had, and fries with gravy (corned beef gravy, of course) are a must, too. Anything you get is reasonably and darn tasty – the only drawback is that they’re not open for dinner.

Posted by M (March 4, 2003 02:56 AM)