Country View Diner

This is the nearest (to Troy, that is) incarnation of the entity perhaps best described as “upscale diner,” a slightly more glitzy (that is to say, self-conscious) and physically larger version of Bob’s or Manory’s; the sort of place where you can get diner food in a setting that won’t faze touchy parents or other impressionable folk. The food’s not bad and the selection is very broad (the menu, however, a hallucinatory Day-Glo extravaganza), and generally the staff seem to look benignly on extended stays at a booth or table. For gin-you-wine diner ambience, it may fall short, but the Country View is nonetheless a fairly safe bet for keeping everybody satisfied. Meals will run about eight or nine dollars, but portions are on the large side, so it’s a decent value. For larger parties who cannot come to consensus on what to eat, it’s a good choice.

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Comments on Country View Diner

The Country View pales in comparison, from a food perspective at least, to Duncan’s, about 300 yards further out Rt7. I’ve been eating breakfasts @ Duncans for over 20 years. Not much to look at, but boy the food is good greasy diner food. Lots of butter, home made muffins and bread, and I don’t think a single ingredient ever saw the inside of a Sysco can or wrapper. Gone a smidge downhill since old man Duncan died a few years ago and beware, they close from late Dec - March, but well worth a trip.

Posted by bob bownes (November 4, 2003 05:28 PM)

I think the food is very good. I enjoy the service, and I enjoy myself every time I go there.

Posted by Tina (March 2, 2002 06:26 PM)

An opposing view to Justin’s: I have brought several bus groups from the south through Troy on the way to Vermont. Our experience each time has been one of gracious hosts, good service, and excellent food at a good price. If I were local, I might have a diffent opinion, but our experiences at Country View have been good ones.

Posted by Jim Wrenn (November 26, 2001 03:54 PM)

I’ll cut to the chase, unlike our prim and proper majordomo. This place absolutely sucks. There is no good reason to go here, ever, for any reason. It’s too far away, and its glitzy feel (Jack is right on here) is altogether disconcerting and downright creepy. Jack had an excellent point: it’s fake, and you take idiots here who don’t understand that at least at Manory’s, the staff do not seem like mindless zombies out to get you. Country View has a secret, and it’s not their baked goods. It has a seedy, hidden underbelly. I swear it. The buffalo meat advertised everywhere, the flashback-inducing menus, and the absolutely ludicrous advertisements on the placemats (Would you _really_ want to patronize an electrician whose advertisement has a lightning bolt coming out of his rear?) are only a few of the creatures lying in wait at this “diner”.

Posted by Justin Baugh (September 26, 2001 01:42 AM)